HANS A. ANDREWS  is the  Distinguished  Fellow in Community          
   College  Leadership  for   Olney   Central  College in  Southeastern   Illinois,  
  USA.     He  has  a  Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education  from    
   Central   Michigan  University   with  minors   in   Psychology  and   Sociology.         
   He   received  his  Masters   of  Arts  degree   in  Counseling  and   Guidance  
  from  Michigan  State  University.       He  earned  his   Doctorate in Education
  (EdD)   degree  in   Counseling  Psychology  and   Higher  Education  Admin-
   istration  from  the University of Missouri-Columbia.
          Hans   retired  as    President of  Olney  Central  College    and    lives   in
   Northern  Illinois.  He was  Dean  of  Instruction at   Illinois  Valley Community           
   College and  Vice  President  for Community  and  Student Services at Kellogg   
   Community  College in Battle Creek, Michigan.  He worked several  years  in  two
   secondary   schools   teaching and with dual roles  of   Director of  Counseling   
   and Guidance.  Andrews also taught part-time in the  Department of Curriculum    
   and Instruction at Illinois State  University.  

      Andrews  has  published   seven  books  on  teacher  improvement   through
   evaluation and recognition systems and on dual-credit.  

        In addition Hans has  published over 140 professional articles and served  
   on  three  editorial  boards  of  educational  journals.  He is a nationally   known  
   consultant  in t he areas of  faculty evaluation,  teacher awards and  recognition
   and dual-credit  programs.  In the past few years he has published numerous
   articles in Australian journals on teacher recognition and evaluation.
Leadership and Research . .   
         Those whose knowledge and   
       skill are applied to enable good
       qualities in themselves and in
       their associates to emerge,
       grow, and mature make the
       most important and lasting  
       contributions to mankind.”

       “If your research doesn’t result
       in practice your research is no
       good, and if your practice is not
       based on research, your practice  
       is no good”.                             
Dr. Ralph Clairon Bedell
Hans A. Andrews, EdD

Marquette Academy in Ottawa,   
Illinois, announces six dual-credit  
graduates with a two-year college       
Associate Degree at the same time
they achieved  their high school diploma.